Hello World!

Hi my name is Vivek, I am a software developer, working for a startup, InfraCloud in Pune India. I usually work on Python, Golang, Docker and Kubernetes with some other systems like Elastic Search, Kafka and other distributed systems.

Before this I worked for a telecom company, Techmahindra, for 4 years on Java, Javascript and related tecnologies. Now a days I am more focused on builing cloud native application and exploring serverless on top and Kubernetes.

Professional Projects

  • Worked on a product that enables Backup, Recovery and Migration of stateful or distributed applications on Kubernetes. As part of the team, was responsible for end to end workflow of the development process of the components.
  • Implemented a function as a service platform on top of Kubernetes, for a large telecom company, which will process incidents through a set of functions and workflows to resolve infrastructure issues automatically.
  • The functions and workflow platform were built with Fission and Kubernetes along with ElasticSearch, Kafka, FluentBit and other components like Jaeger and Apache NiFi.
  • Interacted with Fission’s development team for features and fixes and also made some significant contributions on to the Fission platform.
  • Secured all interactions between the fission components as well as ElasticSearch.
  • Worked on/Developed web based enterprise applications to fulfil TechM client KPN NL and also automated the deployment process in order reduce the time as well as human errors.
  • A part from development team I also worked on Continuous integration and automating build and deployment process of the enterprise application.
  • I worked closely with end users for this customer during my onsite assignment.

These are the Open Source/Side Projects I worked on

I have recently started working on a web based application that can be used to manage your Kubernetes resources. Right now this only supports ConfigMaps and Secrets resources but I am planning to add suport for more resources soon.

Kubernetes for beginners is a bit hard, main motive behind this project is to make a nice UI that can be used to get to know all the resource in your Kubernetes cluster and see relationships between them, so that it wil be easier to debug/resolve the issues.

Wrote a social networking service for societies, using which residents of a society can get connected to each other and discuss about the things they care about.

Used web application technologies HTML5, CSS3, Javascript (Ajax) and Java based technologies at back end. The application is fully responsive and planning to implement serivce workers for Push Notifications, the application is deployed on AWS.

An online tiffin service, where user can select the one menu from the availabe options. We worked for some months, failed badly after that and shut down the service.

Wrote a twitter bot that will message anyone who follows me on twitter, deployed it on Heroku.

Wrote a small chrome extension(calculator) for personal use with handy shortcuts.

I always had a problem of sharing something with other people, for instance if I am surfing an arrticle on web and want to share it with someone. I didnt have any option to do this, I thought to make a browser extension that will sync the current URL on the browser to your phone and that can successfully be shared with anyone. Details of this projects can be found here and code of the chrome extension is pushed in this repo.


I did my engineering between 2010-2014 from Gyan Ganga Inst of Technlology and Sciences Jabalpur with Information technology as major and 7.8 CGPA.

Relevant Coursework:
C, Data Structures and Algorithms, Computer Networks, Operating Systems

Independent Coursework:
Unix Operating System, Web application architecture